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Santo Daime Churches in Spanish Latin America

Santo Daime Argentina The first Argentinian Santo Daime church was opened in Buenos Aires in 1989. After Rainha do Mar was opened in Rio de Janeiro Brazil in 1987 by Marco Gracie Imperial, several churches then opened up in association with it including 1988 – Flor das Águas, in São Paulo city, from which would […]

The Daime Cross and the Double-barred Cross of Caravaca

How to set up the cross in the work Two and three barred variant. Must hang rosary around it Various designs and styles The Rosicrucian legend of the templars carrying the cross, it is a grail item that contains the wood from the crucifixion. Angels carried it into Spanish church. Revered throughout Latin America.

Serving standards of Santo Daime

This article talks about how to serve One should presuppose standard understandings of how to administer sacraments Sacraments can be considered void if the person performing them does not really believe in it Servente should hold prayer and active thought in his mind Right hand to right hand Drinker receives the cup, moves cup to […]

The legendary origins of the Hawaiian Jagube vine

Timothy plowman in 1976 Richard Evans schultes Plowman vine selected Plowman 6040 and 6041 Brought to both Hawaii and Florida. Show the pics of it in Florida in the 70s If you drank daime in North America, chances are you drank from this vine Eagle and the condo Merger of the streams of intellectual ethnobotany […]