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The legendary origins of the Hawaiian Jagube vine

Timothy plowman in 1976 Richard Evans schultes Plowman vine selected Plowman 6040 and 6041 Brought to both Hawaii and Florida. Show the pics of it in Florida in the 70s If you drank daime in North America, chances are you drank from this vine Eagle and the condo Merger of the streams of intellectual ethnobotany […]

Padrinho Sebastião teaches the “Exercise of the Eagle” to Marco Gracie

The following is a rough translation of the original story into English: The first exercise that Padrinho Sebastião taught to me was the “Exercise of the Eagle”. He told me to do these exercises to be able to work with him in the astral. I learned this on the second day after my [arrival at […]

Padrinho Sebastião asks Marco Gracie to practice chastity and use Santa Maria for assistance

Here is the original account in Portuguese by Marco Gracie: Padrinho Sebastião, me pediu castidade quando eu tinha 20 anos, eu disse a ele que não ia conseguir fazer, pois eu ainda pensava demais em sexo, eu gostava demais de sexo, e isto na verdade era um tormento para mim. Pois eu vivia namorando sem […]

The Origin of “Offered Hymns” with Nova Jerusalém

“Nova Jerusalém” is the title given by Padrinho Sebastião to the book of hymns that, after more than four years without receiving hymns, being concluded the hinário “O Justiceiro”, was open in the Céu do Mapiá in 1983. The first hymn, “O Convite”, was received after a work, together with his sister-in-law Madrinha Júlia. It […]

Padrinho Sebastião and Padrinho Wilson meet the Governor of Acre and a wandering street person

Here is the original account written in Portuguese according to Marco Gracie Imperial: Ai uma foto bem explicativa de quem é o Pad Wilson Carneiro e quem é Padrinho Sebastião. Ao seu lado esquerdo, um rapaz que estava muito perturbado, vivia na rua, era um andarilho e sem dinheiro algum. Sendo considerado surtado demais. Do […]

Who was the successor of Mestre Irineu? Leôncio Gomes or Sebastião Mota?

Introduction One of the misconceptions that many Daimistas throughout the “Daime-diaspora” is that the doctrine is one neat and nice linear path that leads up to them doing their work in whichever Western country in which they reside. Mestre Irineu was the original guy, then Padrinho Sebastião was his successor and the Daime moved to […]