This website aims to glorify and legitimize the Santo Daime and educate about it.

The prohibition of Santo Daime and crimes are some of the greatest injustices today. The Santo Daime is a legitimate religious practice. It is not recreational. It has absolutely nothing to do with psychedelic drugs.

The Santo Daime is not simply a legal exemption for ayahuasca use. It is not even in the same category as traditional ayahuasca shamanic usage. It is a sophisticated craft that countless people devote their lives and fullness of their creativity and passion towards.

Many people try to discredit the Santo Daime as [x] and [y], but these statements are made out of pure ignorance and could not be further than the truth. If only these people could truly see the magnificence and sophistication that is present in every work. It is a true manifestation of Christianity, and a […] of arts and culture.