The Ritualistic Standards of Traditional Daime – Alto Santo

This article outlines the ritualistic stands of Traditional Santo Daime practice, as was defined and codified by the end of the life of Mestre Irineu.

Not all of these standards are exclusive to Alto Santo. Many of these standards are also practiced in the line of Padrinho Sebasti√£o. We are, however, using this article as a baseline to describe the works and practice of Santo Daime as Mestre Irineu intended it to be – it is not meant to be a compare and contrast article.

Setup of the table

The three candles

Three candles are placed on the table, between the Cruzeiro and the chairs which seat the head of the table.

The three candles of the table can be set up as a candelabra, however they can also be placed individually. See, for example, these two photos from “Centro Livre Caminho do Sol” which is a traditional Daime center in Rio Branco.

Three candles placed individually
Three candles in a single candelabra


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