What is the Daime beverage and what are its effects?

In this article we will also compare and contrast two different stories of straying from the original Daime recipe and Mestre Irineu and Padrinho Sebastiãos respective reactions and how that represents the attitude towards the doctorine in their respective lines.

Union of divine masculine and feminine.

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is the name given to brewed beverages that are made from the Baanisteropsis Caapi (Ayahuacsa, or jagube) vine.

The active alkaloids in the Ayahuasca vine are beta-carbolines and harmala alkaloids such as Harmine, Harmaline and Tetrohydroharmaline.

Not all Ayahuasca brews contain DMT-containing plants.

What is Daime compared to Ayahuasca?

All Daime is Ayahuasca, but not all Ayahuasca is Daime. Only Daime is Daime.

Every single time you drink Daime you know that you are only getting jagube and rainha. There is nothing else ever in it. No surprises. You can trust Daime. Daime is safe.

Nobody has ever been physically harmed or damanged by Daime – however some Ayahuasca recipes by rogue shamans can contain

[the study where the santo daime substances were tested]

The name “Daime”

hino 41 eu vou chamar a estrela d’agua

The original recipe of Santo Daime

reference matthew meyer’s book

mestre irineu story pouring out the daime

Dramatic! Wow.

What we call Daime today

There are many different “Daimes” today referred to as different “grades” of Daime.

The most orthodox traditional Daimistas would regard this is not actually “Daime” but rather another Ayahuasca recipe because the ratio is not exactly 100% to the specification of what was revealed to Mestre Irineu.

However, simply put, it would be absolutely unsustainable to only drink the “real Daime” because of the massive amount of harvesting that woul have to occur, and there would be massive amounts of “Ayahuasca” that would be otherwise made completely inelligible to use in the works.

[Padrinho Sebastião’s story with Marco Gracie cooking Daime on the stove]

Great story. It shows us what is most important. At least in Padrinho Sebastião’s eyes! It very much contrasts the story of Mestre Irineu pouring out the Daime.

This story rather helps paint for us two different perspectives of what Santo Daime is. The intention between how flexible or inflexible it is might not reveal that the doctorine is “progressing” linearly, but could actually be describing two different religions all together with. Two different ideas of how we should be approaching the works – and by that extension could even be guiding us two different ways that should live our lives. When we see the effort to follow all of these inconvenient details by Alto Santo traditional Daime, we cannot just tell them to “get with the times” but rather open up the new question – what if the lesson we learn all along the way is that we need to be approaching the works with an attitude that is this level of detail and consistency? However – just to be clear – Padrinho Sebastião was no loafer and was a very serious, strict and respectable individual who did not have a “casual” attitude towards the works at all (I say this from sourcing of many second hand accounts, I myself the author never worked with Padrinho Sebastião personally).

The trade off with the abundance of “new Daime” is that it can be hit and miss. There have been times where I have drank nearly 60ml of “new Daime” and felt almost zero force. There are other times where I drank 20ml of “new Daime” and it blew me away with unbelievable visions and kept me awake all night with my heart pumping and complete release of tension in every single individual muscles in my body.

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