In response to “Alto Santo only”-ism

Some people are mad that the works aren’t held exactly as mestre described.

That is only specific to the original center.

It denies the understanding that the daime is the place for us to receive the continuous revelation.

The format of the work is the outer garments. Look at how catholic church has many rites, but one essence that links them.

The western esoteric tradition is one of direct revelation to guide us. It is not right to point to a single guru and try to replicate everything exactly he did outside of the context .

The traditional centers of Rio Branco have their very specific task.

It is true that the work is diluted from merger with outside streams, one cannot deny.

We cannot attempt to replicate someone else’s revelation.

The bigger question is… Is the Santo Daime supposed to be about us replicating and carrying out the revelation that was received by Irineu? Or are we supposed to continue in the embodiment of the reception of revelation.

Christian mysticism is all about receiving the direct revelation. That is its essence.

We need to be able to follow before we can lead.

Did Irineu not approve of the opening of other centers? Of Barquinha which serves “Daime”? Of the center in Rondonia?

If we come to the Daime thinking it’s about replicating the past then we are thinking in a different paradigm than the Christian one. The past led us to where we are now, we need to go somewhere else. God will guide us.


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