What does it mean to expand into the macrocosm?

Man is created in the image of God.

Imagine how in a plant cell the DNA is stored which contains the complete image of the entire system. Each cell has knowledge embedded deep within it about the totality of the system it’s in.

That’s us.

We are limited, and differentiated just like the various cells of the plant. Some of us are the leaf cells and some the trunk cells. But we all come together to form a big picture.

It is humanity’s talk to arrange itself correctly as cells into a healthy being of perfect form. The instructions are the revelation of God to man which guides and instructs to us how we must get to the final destination. This revelation can be revealed exoterically through study of religious texts and theology but also esoterically where the information is delivered directly to the individual human. This is the nature of the Christian mystical tradition.

The total image of the perfected reality is embedded within us, but it something beyond the experience we have in the world today. It is the total merger and completion of the visible and invisible worlds.

When each cell plays it’s part and it’s able to assemble into perfect formation to become illuminated by Christ and become it’s higher self, it will act in resonance with the greater imagine of reality. The microcosm, of the total organism and ecosystem of which we are the singular cells of. As we undergo this process of transformation towards a set destination we expand into the macrocosm.

We no longer experience the world as only our individual selves, but in that of the complete larger picture. That picture is one of completion, perfection and love. There is a grand ordering of reality that happens, and the material world we live in now is not limited to simply being an illusion of Maya.

However in this christian macrocosmic perspective we see a world that is permeated in all ways by the limitless and infinite love and glory of God. The purpose of our earthly incarnation is to embody this. When we embody this and channel divinity we are moving towards a new higher state of perfection. That is the promise Christ made to us.

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