Rainha da Floresta

Understanding the Santo Daime

This website was written to give a comprehensive real perspective to the big picture of “Santo Daime”.

There are many websites on the internet that will give you a single one dimensional view into the Santo Daime, but not bring awareness to the fact that there are many perspectives on how to practice Santo Daime or its true history and development.

Santo Daime is now spreading out of Brazil to North America, Europe, Asia and beyond. There are countless new Daimistas joining the tens of thousands who drink Daime on a bi-weekly basis who do not have Portuguese literacy abilities. We want them to have a place to find an unbiased big picture that can help guide them in their own spiritual development so they can find where they belong in the doctrine. Many Daimistas are unaware of the multiple lines in the doctrine that have different perspectives on the purpose or metaphysical implications of conducting a Daime work, and many may view it only as some type of cultural activity through which they should use to consume Ayahuasca but not really believe the prayers they are saying or the content of the hymns they sing!

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