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This website is dedicated to promoting the teachings of Mestre Irineu who founded the Christian Doctrine of the Daime and promoted a path of devotion to the Blessed Mother Virgin Mary – the Queen of the Forest.

Featured Article: Introduction to the Daime – the Christian Doctrine of Mestre Irineu

This website is an educational resource, and we are publishing English translations so that the international English-speaking Santo Daime community can come to learn about the origins of the doctrine. We are not affiliated with any particular center or line of the Daime – completely independent.

Much of our content is republished translations from websites such as afamilajuramidam.org, mestreirneu.org, juradmidam.jor.br, and more. If you have any corrections or feedback we are open and please send us a message through the contact page. We aim for neutrality and posting objective information and accounts to give a complete picture of the history and culture that surrounds the Daime.