Daime Biographies

Mestre Irineu

The biography of Mestre Irineu cannot be summed up so easily.

The Companions of Mestre Irineu

The four companions of Mestre Irineu are considered to be Germano Guilherme, João Pereira, Maria Damião and Antônio Gomes. These four companions form the basis of the Santo Daime doctrine and are accepted and sung by all denominations of Santo Daime.

They are sometimes mistaken as being called the “finados” in the English speaking Santo Daime world. This is because on “Dia de Finados” (All Souls Day – November 2nd) we sing their hinarios. We also sing their hinarios for the work that is held on Good Friday (or the evening of Holy Thursday) in the spring.

It was through the recognition of his mission that Irineu Serra started to be called by these followers, and referred in many of their hymns, as Mestre (“Master”). These followers and their hinarios are the doctrine’s faithful representation, in a proof of the loyalty, clearness and of the love dedicated to him and by him being denominated – together with his hinário “O CRUZEIRO” – as the official hinários: the doctrinaire base of the Daime doctrine.

However we must address that Irineu Serra, since his first steps on earth, was accompanied so much in the physical matter as in the realm of the divinity, giving testimony to the importance of the mission that by him would be planted in Brazil’s heart, the Amazon forest.

Joana Assunção Serra, his mother, gave us this light in the form of a boy, educated in devote cradle, in the city of São Vicente do Férrer. There he grew up, worked and relied, in dreams, in the teachings of his spiritual teacher, Clara, who would later be recognized as the Virgin of the Conception. It was also in his native city that Mestre Irineu had his uncle’s advices, this of fundamental importance on his move, still young, to Acre, where he met with his cousins and fellow citizens Antônio and André Costa, the responsible people for introducing to him the sacramental drink ayahuasca.

Mestre’s “companions” were many, and we are going to, as far as possible, mention the ones that are known to us, being important to address that contributions will be very welcomed, in text, photo or video, regarding all the ones that somehow contributed to form this so beautiful garden.

First Period Followers of Mestre Irineu

The end of the 20s and the 30s – the arrival of the first followers and the creation of the Santo Daime doctrine at Vila Ivonete, AC.

Second Period Followers of Mestre Irineu

1940s and 1950s – move to the location today known as Alto Santo; introduction of musical instruments in the ritual and the marriage with Mrs. Peregrina, his final wife.

Third Period Followers of Mestre Irineu

1960s and the early 1970s – the last of Mestre’s measures on Earth; the passage of Germano Guilherme, his first follower and the last of the Companions to die; the arrival of the last followers, the receiving of the “New Hymns” and the final improvements in the liturgy.

The Family of Padrinho Sebastião and Community of Céu do Mapiá

Colonia Cinco Mil

  • Mario Rogério da Rocha

Expansion of the Doctrine and Contemporary Daimistas

While some of these Daimistas may have to come to know the Daime in Céu do Mapiá, they are most known for

  • Marco Gracie
  • Paulo Roberto
  • Alex Polari
  • Sonia
  • Glauco Villas Boas