Account of Arpigio Antero Serra

It was at the time of his engagement to his cousin Fernanda, that there was a fight between boys in a Creole drum, which caused Irineu to leave the land where he was born and travel the world towards São Luís, the capital. And he went to the party, but at that time children who didn’t have a father were raised by their uncles.

Irineu ran away from his mother to this Creole drum, combined with Casimiro, his cousin who was the same size, and when it was ten or eleven o’clock at night they got into a noise, then they started fighting, they made everyone run and They decided to take a machete and cut off everything that was the owner of the house’s hammock, they broke down the door and everything.

Then, they sent word to his mother. At almost one o’clock in the morning, she went to her uncle, Paulo Serra’s, house to tell him what had happened. He said that in the morning, when he went to water the cattle, he would stop by her house. When he arrived he asked: “Where is the black one?” And his mother, who was filling the gourds with water from the well, said: “It’s there.” And godfather Paulo, with a horse with eight legs on each side, called his nephew to fight. And there were three shots on top of Irineu’s head. The godfather went out, he took a pair of sack pants, a denim shirt, everything inside a sack of wheat, and conquered the world, only to appear again forty-six years later, no one even knew if he was alive or dead.

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