Account of Pedro Domingos da Silva

After he received the anthem Silencioso, more or less in 1945, he definitively left a drink and forbade all those in uniform to touch alcoholic beverages, and even said more: that anyone who drank Daime and drank alcoholic beverages, he would call shameless. He announced this for all the world to hear.

It was a type of warning call that the Master made, called Senso-perfumoso. He had a little passage like this: “Senso-perfumoso is from the forest, it is from our sovereign Father, I ask for the health of my brother, or this brother”. So if in the vision the Master saw a sheet opening, the brother was here. The brother had a chance to heal and stay alive. But, if the sheet closed, the brother would already be somewhere else, he was sentenced to die soon. It’s really true, I asked Percília, and she always said it was true. If it was for my brother to travel, everything was closed, I didn’t receive any explanation. It was that he was already on the other side.

There was a time when half of the hymnal was played only with maraca. After hymn 66, the hymns were played only on musical instruments. But you could beat the maraca. They were all there, but without singing, until the end. Only the anthems of strength were sung: 86, 87, 95, 104, 108, 111 and 116. From 66 onwards, the obligations were only music and the maraca. The first part had to be just voice, just singing, after the break the music came on.

The concentrations always started at seven o’clock at night, with people drinking daime. Then he placed each one in their role (fiscal and mesários). Always the concentration is normally one hour and thirty minutes of concentration. Usually, whoever saw the Master work, it takes an hour and a half of concentration. Unless it’s the day before a holiday or a day from Saturday to Sunday, so someone wants to stay a little longer. But the regulation is an hour and a half of concentration. Now, at the end of this time, the Master, or the president, or the secretary, or whoever directs the work, formally asks if there are still people watching enough. If everyone has finished aiming, then the new hymns (hinos novos) are sung. But, to sing the hymns, everyone doesn’t need to stand. Only the women standing, those who are singing the hymns. The table components are seated. But the Master’s order was for everyone to remain seated, the messaries and all the people who were in the session. Now, when the women finished singing the hymns, when we get to those last two hymns, 127 and 128, everyone stands up. Then, at the end of the new hymns, it ends with prayers, and the work is finished. That’s how it was with the Master, and I always saw the Master do it that way.

I went to his house. I got there and immediately told him. He said: “I already know. I already know about brothers who come to each other’s fields and take cassava trees, bananas, avocados, oranges and take everything away. And the brother doesn’t give, he doesn’t even ask. I make land here for everyone, so they can have a little land to work on. But don’t enter the property without asking the owner. And why does one brother arrive in the other’s field and do this? Leave it to me that, at the November 15th meeting, I will give a talk. It’s not my usual practice, but it’s necessary for me to do it. Without mentioning anyone’s name.”

That’s when he said that in war he needs a lot of bullets. Then he spoke and said: “My brothers, everyone here runs after the Master, everyone drinks daime and they haven’t learned anything. In a little while the Master will die, and how will he be? Nobody learned anything, and those who take daime do so to learn. This is one of the goals I want to talk about. And another, I want to talk to everyone, not to mention the ladies, that they shouldn’t be acting this way. Excuse me, I’m sorry, forgive me because I don’t want to attract anyone’s attention here. But, as chief, as commander of the work, but as head of this doctrine, I have to speak. We must respect the rights of others, whatever the size of the right, we must comply. If you have a site with banana plantations, sugarcane plantations or anything, and you take it without telling the owner, it’s theft. You have no faith. Here I’m going to form a group of men, not kids. That is one part, the other is the union, how one respects the family, how one respects the children, how one respects the priest, the wife, and in this case it is for both parties, the way the woman treats her husband with All due respect, the husband must treat his wife as well.

With union, with love and sincerity, because as the hymn says: “We have the shield in our hands, and steadfastness is in the heart”, that’s not how the hymn says…” He was talking to Percília . “We have to take daime and learn what daime is teaching us. It’s not doing what our thoughts are thinking, our hearts are asking. Because there are things that are in our heart, in our thoughts, in our imagination, which are totally outside of power, of divine power. Yes, we must have unity, truth, love and justice. It must be had every day, and each house owner has to ask the other owner. The first thing you do when you open the door to your house is ask God: “Give me peace, give me harmony, love, truth and justice to my family.” If you ask for peace, love, truth and justice, bread comes, health comes, everything comes, but if you ask for war, only war comes. And to have peace it takes a lot of prayer, and for war it takes a lot of bullets. The house that has daime is to be respected. A house where there is war cannot have daime. Because daime is not for war, it is for peace. Daime is God, daime is health, it is love. Where there is war, lack of composure, swear words can have daime? How can God touch this? God knows you exist, but you are not keeping Him inside. You are keeping it inside yourself, so you have to know how to value your home. Do not use bad words, demons, demons, because they are things from the other side, that of darkness, of darkness. And that’s not what we want in our mission. We want peace, love, truth, justice, for unity, for love. For daime, it’s a lot of prayer and for war, it’s a lot of bullets.

He said this to me, and to several people I saw him say, warning: Seu Pedro, our Daime, mine, has permission given by the Queen, by the Sovereign Virgin Mother, it is not given by any man on earth, and these Men who make up their minds mix everything that is risky, until they drive people crazy.

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