Anonymous Accounts of Mestre Irineu

Anonymous 1

Was Master Irineu a disciplinarian then? Yes, ma’am. Now, he didn’t have the instinct, so he created a disciple of his to discipline, Zé das Neves. I really say of my own free will, if Master Irineu came to me and said: “Be careful with your life, Mr. José. I will discipline you.” I would put my hand on my chin and say: “You’re joking.” But if Zé das Neves said: “Seu José, be careful in your life”, I would already be kneeling at his feet, because I knew that discipline was coming.
And how was this discipline carried out? Within the daime itself. So we say it was Zé das Neves, but the president was the one in the force, the boss is the one who knows where the swallows live, right? He is the one who knew where the swallows live. He said: “Zé das Neves, take care of it.” So everyone thought that it was Zé das Neves who was authorized, but the strength came from him, that he was the one who knew how to give strength as it is, the point, right?
It happened to a brother-in-law of Leôncio Gomes. He had been up to something, personally, privately, and it wasn’t part of the work ritual (precepts), so Zé das Neves took it and gave him a glass of daime, I saw that in the celebration they had in the woods, but by day, in a hymnal celebrated in the forest. He gave Ivone a glass of daime and Ivone went crazy. He used to conquer the forest, he carried vines that thick on his chest, he picked them up from the vine himself. After he was well disciplined, his clothes were already a bit lost, Zé das Neves prepared four men and said “When he paints here in the middle of the circle, catch him.” When he came out of the forest, looking like that, he looked like a crazy animal in the forest, an excited Indian, who hit the middle of the circle. Those men grabbed him and put him on the ground and Zé das Neves filled another glass with daime, which was already dazed, took another, and put it in his mouth and made him drink it by force. And when he finished drinking, he said he could let the man go. He got up nicely, looking like he had never taken daime in his life. This I saw with these two eyes that the earth will eat.

Anonymous 2

Mestre Irineu maintained good relations with the State authorities. He voted for Guiomard, who never missed an opportunity to visit him, sometimes spending entire weeks in Alto Santo. Agnaldo Moreno says that once, when Guiomard was counting on God’s help to be elected, Mestre Irineu replied: “I’m here.” Agnaldo Moreno also says: “When he received the plan for the Center and started the campaign to obtain resources to build it, he could have collected triple what he needed, if he hadn’t been honest.” Numerous people came forward to help. Everyone, specifically, wanted the political support that the “Master had”.

He supported Ary Rodrigues’ campaign by instructing him to make a poster showing some rays illuminating the candidate’s head. It said that he would have to win by light, as his opponent worked in the dark. Old-timers say that Ary lost the election through a skillfully orchestrated fraud. He predicted the rise and fall of Vargas, Jânio and Jango. He warned in advance of things that would happen in the country’s politics.

Anonymous 3

It was very difficult at that time. Everything had to be very hidden, hidden, because there was a lot of persecution, even from the police. There was a lot of talk about daime and Mestre Irineu, and people were very afraid because they didn’t understand the power of daime, how that tea could cure. There were even cases of people who asked for the Master’s help, took daime with him and, even so, afterwards, they kept saying that they had been bewitched, or that the Master had done evil against them. There were even those who said that the Master was a charlatan.

Anonymous 4

Leôncio Gomes, when he was preparing to receive the position of president, which the Master was already preparing for, already knowing the game he had to play, Leôncio spent from nine o’clock at night until three o’clock in the morning. He had drunk half a glass of daime, spent it from nine o’clock at night until three in the morning, saying that he was nobody, that he couldn’t handle himself, and “pei”, “pei”.

And the Master from his house preparing him, taking him to the point he would reach. When it was three o’clock in the morning, he said: “Now he’s ready, bring Leôncio from there to here.” He was in the warehouse, thrown there, and the group was there, supporting him, the assistants there to not let him weaken any further. Then he comes bringing Leôncio like someone bringing a paralytic, some holding on to one side and others holding on to the other, dragging Leôncio until he arrived in the presence of the Master sitting in his chair, in his armchair, sitting there and looking.

When Leôncio came, he threw himself at Master Irineu’s feet saying: “Help me, my boss.” Mestre Irineu put his hand on his head and said: “Get up!” Leôncio said that it seemed like he had never taken daime in his life. I also saw this, the preparation of my compadre Leôncio. He said, “Get up, what weakness is this? Leôncio got up, it looked like he had never taken daime, since nine o’clock at night he had been suffering, in the preparation that he thought was not enough, until three o’clock in the morning. When he got there, he said: “Get up!” Leôncio stood up, prepared for all intents and purposes. This I saw.

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