Mestre Irineu’s teachings regarding Cannabis


Mestre Irineu taught against cannabis.

If you wish to learn about how Cannabis was added into the Santo Daime in the line of Sebastiao Mota under the name of “Santa Maria”, read this other article.

Accounts describing Mestre Irineu’s teachings prohibiting Cannabis

Account of Paulo Serra (adopted son of Mestre)

testimony narrated by Paulo de Assunção Serra in 1994 in the city of Rio Branco:

“from 1959 to 1969 I was in Belém do Pará, where I tried my hand at life and married Altina, my wife. There, I discovered marijuana and ‘traveled’ a little with it. Then, upon returning to Rio Branco, one day I went to visit Dad and took some for him, asking if it was okay for me to use it. He looked, thought a little and said to me: ‘Look, Paulo, take this and bury it at the foot of that paxiúba [palm tree typical of northern Brazil], because this is not part of the doctrine, no, and it won’t be good for you to use it”.

From a different account – the interview with Gideon

I would like to say what Master Irineu always told me: the law of men said that we will always respect it. It’s forbidden to walk on the left, so I’ll walk on the right. Is it forbidden to drink cachaça? So let’s not drink. Is it prohibited to use drugs? So we won’t use it. It’s to clean SANTO DAIME. Mixing SANTO DAIME with other things is not a good idea. Because you take half a glass of oil and a glass of water, mix it well and it looks nice, but after half an hour it’s already separated. I ask everyone who takes daime to take daime and not use other things. I take daime in front of the governor, the Secretary of Justice, anyone, whereas marijuana I don’t have the courage to do, nor do I do. God won’t let me do that. Daime brings light and marijuana brings sadness.

Account of Jane Carioca

I feel sorry for people who mix divine power with an illusion, which leads you to do evil. Master Raimundo Irineu Serra and Sebastião Mota never mix, it’s water and oil, it’s light and shadow. The truth that I know, at 48 years old, is the truth of three things: leaf, water and vine, fire and prayer. And the words that came from him (Mestre Irineu). Rest assured that the drug is an illusion, it is toxic. Sing the hymns you already know. Anyone who is young and reads this book will try to understand that if you mix daime with marijuana you are in a great illusion. It will always remain in the minds of people who don’t know what the truth is.

Account of Madrinha Peregrina

 “Here in Alto Santo there are no drugs, there never have been. Mestre never mentioned this Santa Maria, he took people away from drugs and addictions, he didn’t addict or drug anyone.”

The CICLU Estatute prohibits Cannabis

Gideon’s book says Mestre wrote this by his own hand. He is wrong and we explain in our article how the origin. But the teaching still stands true.


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