Cristina Raulino da Silva

Born on January 9, 1938 in Rio Branco-Acre, Madrinha Cristina was in life – and will continue to be in spirit – a symbol of love, faith and joy, inspiring us to fulfill our mission.

Married to Manuel Gregório, Madrinha Rita’s brother, she was also one of the first to bear witness to Padrinho Sebastião’s spiritual mission. From the beginning of the 60’s, he began to work with him as a medium, still at the time when Sebastião Mota carried out table work and spiritist consultations for an increasing number of family members and settlers from the town of Colônia Cinco Mil, where later the first church was built.

When Sebastião Mota came into contact with Santo Daime through Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra, Madrinha Cristina was one of the first to join. Since then, it has become one of his most important points of support, an example of firmness and dedication to the doctrine. community development in Céu do Mapiá.

At that time, the people of Sebastião Mota traveled on foot for almost five hours from Porto Acre Road to Alto Santo to carry out the work of concentration. After the passing of Mestre Irineu, Sebastião Mota began the formation of his own church and began to gather a people that never stopped growing.

The ties between the two families became even closer when their eldest daughter, Silvia, married Alfredo Gregório, son of Padrinho Sebastião, who today, like Padrinho Alfredo, is one of the main heirs of his father’s spiritual mission.

She was the first Godmother to visit the new churches that were formed in the southeast of the country in the early 1980s (Rio de Janeiro and Mauá). She welcomed everyone as her own children and played an important role in forming new points, guiding and stimulating the study of the doctrine. Her joy and joviality made her conquer dozens of godchildren.

With the passing of Padrinho Sebastião in the early 1990s, Madrinha Cristina became one of the main pillars of Pad Alfredo, who continued the mission of expanding the doctrine.

Owner of a beautiful Hymnal called A Mensagem, full of wisdom, Madrinha Cristina makes up the Pantheon of Godmothers of our Church, alongside Madrinhas Rita (widow of Padrinho Sebastião) and Júlia (sister of Madrinha Rita) and the also deceased Madrinha Tetê, the other sister of Madrinha Rita whom Cristina went to join.

Within this constellation of godmothers, Madrinha Rita, with her kindness and simplicity, exudes compassion and mercy; Madrinha Júlia is a tenacious warrior who, despite her advanced age, is unbeatable in the energy and vitality with which she dedicates herself to spiritual work. And Godmother Cristina? Surely, among the other godmothers, she occupied the place of the most intellectually and doctrinally prepared. She liked to drink Daime at dawn to cure herself and also to “travel” through the astral. She always came back with lots of stories and confirmations.

This strong woman suffered a lot during the last years of her life, because of an emphysema that reduced her lungs to 1 cm of life and breath. But still, breathing like a little bird, she bore her fate with resignation and dignity, fighting for her cure. From the point that she was achieving this cure spiritually, she was handing over her spirit to God little by little.

Even in his moments of agony, he always had a sweet word of hope for everyone. When he regained his breath and with it the joy of living, he liked to talk and remember the different passages and stories of his dear Padrinho Sebastião.

On January 26, 2005, he expired at home, surrounded by his loved ones. His last audible murmur, heard by all who came to his aid, was “My Master!” After a 36-hour wake of uninterrupted hymns and prayers, her body was buried in the entrance hall of our Igreja Matriz do Céu do Mapiá so that we can remember every day of the presence that she will continue to enjoy in our hearts.

May the Virgin Mother receive this beautiful flower in her garden.


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