Francisco Grangeiro Filho

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Francisco Grangeiro Filho was the feitio headmaster of Irineu Serra and member of the so called Free Center’s General Staff, also integrating the Healing Commission. He joined the doctrine in the early 50s and came to marry the youngest daughter of Antônio Gomes, Adália, asking her hand to Mestre, since he was the family’s tutor after Antônio Gomes passage in 1946. This way, we can consider Chico Grangeiro as “Mestre’s son-in-law”. In the former CICLU he was the one to perform the manager’s function, since he was the coordinator of the feitios. Below we have his account:

The miracle that occurred to me was in 1952, when I was cutting rubber trees. One day a splinter fell on my eye. I spent six days without sleeping and eating scarcely. The eye started to get blind and it soon became white. I went to my mother’s house. It was New Year’s Eve. Mestre came by with Zé das Neves and I showed it to him.

“Look Chico, it doesn’t look good. Only a doctor can help you. I don’t have the tools for that.”
“Seu Irineu, if I have to lose an eye it is going to be with you, and if I have to heal it is also going to be with you.”
“Ok. Come to my house on Monday.”

On that night I slept without medication, without anything. When Monday arrived I went there. He was in the plantations and he asked to his wife to give me a glass of Daime. I drank it and I went home. In the next day I came back again.

“Seu Irineu, I received a hymn but I didn’t see any solution to it.”
“Wednesday I am going to open a work for you.”
He gave me a full glass but I did not feel anything.
“How was it seu Francisco?”
“Nothing happened seu Irineu.”
“But I envisioned it. I saw your prescription.”

In that time, he generally attended the patients on Wednesday. The patient would drink a big glass that he had. In the middle of the work he would seek the diet; seek the medicine. Everybody concentrated. At the end of the work he would say, “The medicine for you is such and such.” If it was Daime it was Daime, otherwise he would explain.

“Do you have honey at home?”
“No sir.”
“But we have it here! Raimunda, go fetch that little glass of honey. You soak the cotton with honey, together with a piece of cloth, very clean, and drop it in your eye.”
Of this way I was cured. I don’t have any sequels from it.

I had goodwill. I would go to the woods to look for the Jagube and it was him [Mestre] who taught me. Due to my good disposition one day, in the afternoon, he called me:

“Chico, you are going to be a Queen’s general. Do you know why I am going to give you this position? Because you arrive here and says, ‘Padrinho, I found a Jagube, I found a Queen’s garden’. So, I am going to give you this rank. If it succeeds I am preparing you to stay in my place after my departure. Chico, the Queen delivered me the world. Who wants [to follow] with me, it is with me. Who does not want, it is also with me. Of the same way that I rule on earth I also rule in the ocean.”

Francisco Grangeiro Filho’s Hinário is composed of 26 hymns that show that he really became a Queen’s General indeed. It is also a healing hinário, because it has its foundations in the feitio works, in the trips to the jungle to collect material, in the dawns around the furnace where the Daime is cooked. For this reason we entitle it as “Flor de Jagube” (Jagube’s Flower), for remembering the feitios during this time of the year, when the vine flourish in the woods and the ayahuasca seems sweeter.

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