Madrinha Júlia Gregório da Silva

Madrinha Julia in 1999

Madrinha Júlia Gregório da Silva was born in Açu, in Rio Grande do Norte, in 1933. She is the younger sister of Rita Gregório de Melo and mother of six children: Maria de Fátima ( Dodô ), João Batista, João Evangelista, Maria José, Antonio Jose and Rita Maria. At the age of eight she left for Rio Branco with her family. She started in the Doctrine of Santo Daime after her husband, Francisco Gregório Bezerra, passed away. She accompanied Padrinho Sebastião for seven years in Juruá, Amazonas, from where she went to Colônia 5.000, in Acre.

Today, Madrinha Júlia lives in the Céu do Mapiá rubber plantation. She inherited from her other sister, Teresa, now deceased, a taste for being a caretaker and responsible for prayer and for the work of the Church in general. A tireless fighter for punctuality and discipline in spiritual works, she is always the first to arrive and open works on official dates. It is responsible for standardizing and complying with the ritual norms of the Doctrine. She travels around the world leading everyone by example of humility and discipline, always working for the Truth. In recognition of this truth, she was honored as patron of the Reinado do Sol, a point located in the city of Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul.

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