Maria Brilhante

There is not a path that I do not walk / And neither it has a river that I do not cross / And nor it has a stick that I do not pluck / And nor it has stones that I do not break…

Maria Brilhante is the wife of Padrinho Eduardo Salles Freitas, and she began in the doctrine of Mestre Irineu in the 60s, when some people from the Colônia 5 Mil, led by Sebastião Mota de Melo, joined the rows of the Queen of the Forest in Alto Santo. The hinário of Maria Brilhante is officially sung in Céu do Mapiá at the opening of the June festival, in the eve of Saint Anthony’s day (the date in which Padrinho sebastião’s hinário was sung in the time of the CICLU).

The reason for the hinário of a follower have become part of the official calendar of a center such as the Cefluris was due to her promise, when the community was settled in the Seringal Rio do Ouro, to cure Padrinho Sebastião’s first-born, attacked by a serious infection. If Valdete was cured and reestablished the hymns of Mrs. Maria would be sung in the eve of Saint Anthony. Valdete was cured, our Padrinho Valdete, and the hinário, sung in white farda, is of cure and is entitled “Estrela Brilhante.”

The hymns of this hinário describe all of Cefluris’ History since its foundation until today. In her hinário is also included, intermixed with the original hymns, the offered ones. Therefore, there are the hymns received by Mrs. Maria and the hymns that to her were offered by the members of the fraternity.

This habit of “offering” hymns started in the Cefluris, in the 80s, and it would represent more than a simple dedication: It would be a commitment of the “given” in keep “watered” their flowers [hymns offered].

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