Jagube (Banisteriopsis caapi)


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Plant taxonomy

Taxonomic classification

Banisteriopsis caapi, in the family of maphigiaceae.

Common names

Within the Santo Daime, this plant is almost universally called “jagube”.

More commonly, this would be identified as the “ayahuasca” vine, or as “yage”.

What is the difference in naming compared to the drink? Well within Santo Daime the sacrament is always referred to as the “Santo Daime” or simply as the “Daime”. There is a

The name “caapi” being related to grass is important because they were chewing on the fresh bits. Where it tastes very grassy and has many strands and can be chewable.

Botanical history

This section covers the history of the plant’s discovery, definition, etc,

Cultivars and varieties

Usage within the Santo Daime

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