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Santo Daime in Japan

There are many references online to a Santo Daime Japan group existing known as Ceu de Japao, however they do not make any posts online. Many Santo Daime websites talk about this, but they do not publish anything at all. This is likely to the very strict laws in Japan. There are some videos which have circulated around on social media and whatsapp groups of works happening in Japan, but we will not showcase any here due to legal restrictions and privacy.

Japan and Brazil do have a unique connection. After English, Brazilian Portuguese is the second most studied foreign language in Japan. The largest Japanese diaspora exists in Brazil, and there were many major migrations from Japan to Brazil within the last 100 years. There are 2 million Japanese Brazilians and only 1.3 million Japanese Americans. Many Japanese-Brazilians have returned to their parents’ homeland to start a new life but are challenged as it is very difficult to integrate back into the strict Japanese culture after growing up in Brazil.

Santo Daime in India

Santo Daime in Israel

There are two accounts of Santo Daime works being held in Israel 15+ years ago. The group was named “Ceu de Jordao” but ceased all activity in 2007. It is believed that since then there has been no Santo Daime activity in Israel.

Ayahuasca is understood to be illegal in Israel, and there have been some news articles about arrests regarding shamanic Ayahuasca ceremonies which have happened in Israel.

The first account comes from the forums, and someone reports that they went to a Daime work in Israel and someone decided to put a statue of the Buddha on the table. This caused a big argument in the group as to whether the icon of the Buddha could be venerated in a Daime work.  We will find the link and post it here so you could read the full account.

The second account comes from the website and tells a mysterious story of a man who ran the works for a short period of two years. We have decided to archive the English translation of this story here for you to read:

יום חמישי, דצמבר 08, 2005
Daime – Shabat ?
as im a Daimisto, im bringing the light of the Daime as it is, im not changing it to my will, to my way. i just do naturally the thing i need to do. I will not let the truth serve me, because i serve her. I will not use this power for myself, and that is why i get this power.

soon enough to be the first official work of Santo Daime in Israel, as its being made in the whole world.

in the same time, the same hour, all the Daime points will sing and pray together the same Hinario (book song), of the founder of this holy douctrine, Mestre Irineu.

it has a lot of meanings, in our road for peace, and for union.

the attempts to unite the tradition of Daime in the Jewish tradition, is almost impossible. they are so far, but at the sametime, the closest one ever.

because, as well as in homeopathy, the only true cure for the wound, really, is from within the poison itself that made the wound. religion has been the problem of this world, and that is why the cure for this sick world will come from there, and not only that it will come from there – but from the most painfull and delicate subject: Judaism and Christianity.

But things will go as they should. it is not my part to bring the ayauasca to the jews. this part other people will do, each line by herself, with time. Im bringing the Daime, and i stand at this side. later on, when it will be ready, then we can do the wedding.

I wish all good, for the Daime Shabat. o que sera sera.

יום שישי, מרץ 17, 2006
Saint Joseph’s Day
Thank God, the uniformed people here in Israel made the second part of P.Sebastiao’s hymnbook, on this day of the 18th of March, with a lot of strength and love in their hearts.

vamos trabalhar.

יום שלישי, אפריל 25, 2006
Daime Shabbat
on the 21st of april, we did the Daime-Shabat work here, the second time in Israel. It was very strong and deep, so different from the first.
the gallows has arrived, thank God, I’m seeing progress.

יום ראשון, מאי 28, 2006
I work with [REDACTED] On the 26th-27th of May, we did healing work here and soon the second part of Padrinho’s hymnal, it was the first time that Padrinho’s voice is calling my people here, with the hymnals translated into Hebrew and Maraca in hand , it was a wonderful current. thanks to [REDACTED] for their Daime, for their courage and strength, which are very helpful here in the doctrine of Juramidam in Israel.

יום רביעי, מאי 10, 2006
I work with Cinco Mil
On the 5th and 6th of May, we did Mestre’s work here, with the presence of Maurilio, the commander of the church of the Cinco Mil colony, along with more dear friends from France and England.

we found the name for our church here: Ceu do Jordao.

with faith and love, let’s go on in this battle.

יום שני, יוני 26, 2006
Viva Sao Joao !!
With Daime very special, we had a very strong work here, in the desert of Israel, giving life to the voice of my Saint John, of my Jesus.

We don’t have to fear anything, because the Master is with us. what a glory, my Juramidam. I will never stop asking of you, because you are the truth.

My Sao Joao, now it was the opposite, and now I know where you are. let’s sing, work, trust with love. Viva a voz do deserto! viva o pregador!

יום שישי, יולי 07, 2006
Mestre’s passing day
to always remember the Master with love.

I receive the force, and very firmly.

thank you my Master, the truth is my life because you showed me.

viva a forca neste mundo!

Thursday, August 31, 2006
The Cura of João Pedro
thanks to our old João Pedro, who invited me to heal and heal others, on the 25/8.
Daime is still here with strength and love, discipline and truth, calling on whoever was worthy to help us in the battle.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006
go to war will lose
I know the master puts me where I need to be. I can’t deny that. in evil and good alike, I carry my truth with me.
I know that the arrival of my Jesus is in a lot of pain, a lot, like a birth, it has to hurt at first.
I had complaints, I had doubts. I do not have, but. those who have eyes to see, do not have them either, even in the dark.
I’m a soldier of Juramidam, but in the middle of my way, I’m also a soldier of Israel, until my jesus will end this war forever. and if i want to claim my rights as a citizen, to practice my religion here in my home, i have to do the obligations as well. This I know, on my way I am seeing it lighten.

יום שני, נובמבר 13, 2006
I am here
it’s enough for me to write for each work we do here, because we already do a lot, thanks to Father and Santo Daime, the people who trust me. whoever wants to see it, come here.
everything is happening.

יום חמישי, אוקטובר 11, 2007
I cry a lot and I’m sorry
I stop handling the ceremonies here.
I’m following my line, I know very well where I’m going.
I’m going to sing, but without drinking Daime or anything else.
I’ll even find my wife again, be true to her.

What an ominous ending. I wonder what happened.

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