Santo Daime Churches in Spanish Latin America

Santo Daime Argentina

The first Argentinian Santo Daime church was opened in Buenos Aires in 1989.

After Rainha do Mar was opened in Rio de Janeiro Brazil in 1987 by Marco Gracie Imperial, several churches then opened up in association with it including 1988 – Flor das Águas, in São Paulo city, from which would arise future leaders and churches such as Céu do Vale, Céu da Lua Cheia, Céu da Nova Era and Céu de Maria. 1988 – Estrela Brilhante, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. 1989 – Buenos Aires, ARG.

Youtube Video of a 2015 Santo Daime work in Buenos Aires: “Iglesia de Santa Maria del Buen Aire”

Santo Daime Argentina Fights for its Legalization

Santo Daime Bolivia

It is known that there is at least one Santo Daime group in Bolivia.

Ayahuasca is legal in Bolivia and the ingredients are known to be publicly sold at markets.

Santo Daime Chile

There is a Santo Daime group based in Santiago Chile. There is an academic paper about them which can be read at this link. (DIRECT PDF)

An inactive Facebook page about “Santo Daime Chile” once existed that was cleared connected with Colonia Cinco Mil.

Santo Daime Colombia

The famous website “” is based in Colombia. The group is called Céu Condor Águia and located in Medellín.

Santo Daime Costa Rica

There are multiple Santo Daime churches in Costa Rica and the country has full legalization of ayahuasca. The jagube vine has been widely introduced into the Costa Rican rainforests and is cultivated there.

Santo Daime Guatemala

Guatemala is known to have plenty of “ayahuasca retreats” that are not Santo Daime. There are some of these websites that are advertising a “Santo Daime” retreat in Guatemala for $325 which is very unusual. It is most likely that there is not a Guatemala Santo Daime church, rather some breakaway Daimistas are doing some of their own ceremonies there.

Santo Daime Mexico

Santo Daime in Mexico is known to be somewhere in the Tulum area. Ayahuasca is fully legal in Mexico with no legal restrictions.

Santo Daime Panama

There is at least one Santo Daime group in Panama known as “Céu do Centro Livre

Santo Daime Peru

There is Santo Daime activity in Peru, located in the Sacred Valley around Pisac.

The group has its own House of Feitio and cooks their own Daime, and enjoys the full legal freedom of having no restrictions around ayahuasca.

Santo Daime Uruguay

There are Santo Daime groups in Uruguay, one most notable group being “Céu de Luz”.

Video of First Santo Daime Feitio in Uruguay 

Santo Daime Venezuela

There is a Santo Daime group in Venezuela called “Céu do Caribe” with their own Facebook Group. It is believed that they are based on Margarita Island off the north coast of Venezuela.

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