The Cura Work of Mestre Irineu

Introduction to the Cura Work of Mestre Irineu


The Shamanic Healing work of Indigineous Amazonian Shamans


How is the traditional Cura work of Mestre Irineu conducted?


Stories about Mestre Irineu performing the Cura work


Why is this not the same as the Cura work of Padrinho Sebastião?

Padrinho Sebastião did not have any experience in the realm of traditional shamanism, his background was in spiritism. Padrinho Sebastião saw the Daime through the spiritist lens and performed a “cura” work to the best of his knowledge and abilities based on his talents.

You can read our full article on the Cura of Padrinho Sebastião here.

It would not have been possible for Padrinho Sebastião to carry on a tradition of this Cura work if he never had the training or experience on how to conduct it.

Does the cura work of Sebastião offer the same level of healing? Well, it offers group healing but it is fundamentally a different work all together. The Sebastião Cura does not aim to diagnose or prescribe any individual suffering person, but rather aims for a collective spiritual cleansing.

Are there illnesses that someone could be properly diagnosed and treated by Mestre’s Cura that would not be healed by Sebastião’s?

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