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A Familia Juramidam” ( was a very beautiful website made by a graphic designer that was a pioneer in Daime information on the internet. The website is still available for view on the Wayback Machine online here.

Unfortunately, the website went offline and the domain name expired as was bought up by an Indonesian gambling site. The website was online for 13 years and was the most comprehensive Daime resource on the entire internet. It even predates the published of the book “Eu Venho de Longe”. The inspiration and creation for a lot of the content on this website was to restore and re-host the information shared on there after it disappeared from search engines and the public eye.

Information on the internet is not really permanent and a lot can be deleted and taken off – especially when hosted on social media platforms. There is a goldmine of history and information posted on various websites that have gone offline and deleted from Facebook and other social media networks. We hope that on our site you can enjoy many of these articles which can now be once again found in the Google search results.

One of the most interesting pages on the website is the Genealogy of the Santo Daime Doctrine. It can still be viewed online at that link. We have also uploaded it to our website here for your ease of access as a pdf format.

We are currently working to rehost all of the content (with full attributed credits of course) here on this website for your educational purposes.

About the Author of AFamiliaJuramidam – Rodrigo Borges Conti Tavares

Rodrigo Borges Conti Tavares was born in the year of 1967, in the city of Rio de Janeiro – RJ / Brazil, where he graduated as a Graphic Designer from the Rio de Janeiro’s Federal University (UFRJ) in 1992. Today he lives in his native city.

He met the Daime in 1995, in the church of the Céu do Mar/RJ, still as a member of a spriritist Kardec center and where he served for over 10 years. He definitively joined the Queen of the Forest battalions in the year of 2001, in the city of Boulder – Colorado/USA, where he received his star one year later. For three years he dedicated himself in the task of helping to keep this branch of the doctrine abroad, returning to Brazil in 2004, in part due to his personal search for the doctrine’s roots.

In Brazil he joined the church of the Céu do Mar, where he was a volunteer guardian, and during this period he was the caretaker and the creator of the English version of the church’s site. He was also a mediator of the church’s community on the internet (Orkut).

In 2007 he disconnects from Céu do Mar, at the same year that the Juramidam Family site was launched, in July 4th of 2007, and today he is dedicated to his researches of the doctrine and has an informal and friendly connection with the Estrela Brilhante, church of Daniel Arcelino Serra, Mestre’s nephew, in Maranhão state.

Acknowledgments by the Author

I would like to thank the following who, through their knowledge, made possible the research for this site – The Juramidam Family.

  • Marcelo Magalhães (, by the invaluable accompaniment, help and support regarding the hTML language and hosting, which made this project viable.
  • Marco Imperial (Rainha do Mar), for his great contribution about the history of the Santo Daime in the south of Brazil.
  • Eduardo Bayer, for his extensive research work about the Santo Daime doctrine and the sending of innumerous material regarding the doctrine.
  • Mivan Gedeon and the whole group of the Estrela Brilhante, a new center of the doctrine in the state of Maranhão – lead by Daniel Arcelino Serra, for their support and the priceless material sent regarding the doctrine of Irineu Serra.
  • Daniel Arcelino Serra, by the innumerous accounts regarding the doctrine of his uncle, Raimundo Irineu Serra, as well as the kindly permission given to send historic photos and documents to The Juramidam Family site.
  • Jaime Wanner, for his contacts over the internet that led me to decisive information about the doctrine.
  • Juarez Duarte Bomfim, for his extensive research work about the Santo Daime doctrine and for having, over the years, sent me material and advice about the doctrine.
  • Luiz Carlos Teixeira de Freitas, for his extensive research work about the Santo Daime doctrine and his attitude of always replying my e-mails concerning the doctrine.
  • Débora Carvalho Pereira Gabrich and Eduardo Gabrich (CICLUMIG), for having kindly sent information regarding the lineage of Mr. Luiz Mendes, as well as general information about the doctrine.
  • Marcos Camargo and Mrs. Silmara Camargo, for the information always transmitted with good will, about Mestre’s life, as well as the guidelines of the already departed Mrs. Percília Matos, with whom they had a close friendship.
  • Marcelo Bernardes and Clarisse, for invaluable information concerning the Centro Espírita Flor da Montanha, in Lumiar/RJ.
  • Florestan Neto, for the incentive and the information, passed through email, regarding the liturgy of the doctrine.
  • Caio Bastos, for having supplied decisive information regarding Padrinho Jonas.
  • Lou Gold, for his photo journalism work in our doctrine as well as his valorous contribution with the English review of some sections of the The Juramidam Family site.
  • William Johnston, for the initial review of Jairo da Silva Carioca’s personal account translation, as well as the personal incentives given over the years.
  • Mark Fischer, for having sent, in many occasions, english material of the hymns translation, as well as for his great help in sharing The Juramidam Family site with his connections.
  • Eduardo Sampaio, for the kind and constant sending of dozens of historic photos of the doctrine and information regarding the work of Padrinho Wilson Carneiro and Raimundo Nonato, from the Centro e Pronto Socorro de Cura Raimundo Irineu Serra.
  • Guido Carioca, for the kind exchange of e-mails regarding the history of the doctrine.
  • Luzmarina Prado, member of the CICLUJUR – Belém, who always shared valuable information regarding the liturgy of the doctrine, being in constant contact with Mr. Tufi, commander of CICLUJUR.
  • Teófilo Maia, for his extensive research on Mestre’s Companions, for our constructive debates through e-mail and for his good will to share his material with the Juramidam Family site.
  • Paulo Moreira, for having sent in good will information regarding the liturgy of the doctrine.
  • To all the researchers of the doctrine who, of some way, contribute in order that the information be shared freely and without limitation to the practitioners, sympathizers and researchers of the Santo Daime.
  • Natanael dos Santos, for the great help in many issues of the doctirne and the sending of material and photos.
  • Alex Koek, for kindly sending hymns’ translations in English.
  • Nazaré Grangeiro, for gladly sending information about the doctrine and the Gomes family.

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