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This book does not intend to present the only true story of Mestre Irineu. In reality, undertakings with proposals of this type are not viable, since any story is inevitably marked by the perspective of who makes it, the moment the story is told and the narrator’s purposes. In this case, telling “the” story of […]

A Maranhão Vision

In the late 1980s, I attended, at PUC-SP, a roundtable on legislation and the use of ayahuasca, with the participation of several experts, including Professors Drs. Edward MacRae, Edgard de Assis Carvalho, Elisaldo A Carlini (from the Brazilian Center for Information on Psychoactive Drugs), the jurist Dalmo Dalari and others, who debated several interesting aspects […]

Acre – Amazonian Sphinx

I received the invitation from Paul and Edward to write this text as an immense challenge. After all, as we shall see later, the task these exceptional researchers set themselves is one of the most complex and difficult to carry out. And, in order for us to understand the dimension and implications of this complexity, […]


The authors of this book did not intend to present “the one and only true story of Mestre Irineu”. What is a biography, other than a selection of a person’s life that an author carries out to unveil to a reader the importance of the person to the world (with critical judgment) using a selection […]


Mestre Irineu: A man of many dimensions. Worker. Black man. Northeasterner. Migrant. Caboclo. River-dweller. Rubber tapper. Man without land. Saint. Shaman. Leader. Medium. Spiritualist. Shaman. Healer. Poet. Composer. Teacher. Mestre Irineu was all of these things. A legendary man from the Northeast of Brazil to the Amazon, from popular festivals to the most sacred corner […]


This book is more than an academic work, it is the result of feelings of affection and respect for Mestre Irineu which pulse in the hearts in those involved with its realization. In our journey to carry it out, we met many people whose lives had been touched by its influence. Some got to know […]