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Credits to A Familia Juramidam (

Introduction “A Familia Juramidam” ( was a very beautiful website made by a graphic designer that was a pioneer in Daime information on the internet. The website is still available for view on the Wayback Machine online here. Unfortunately, the website went offline and the domain name expired as was bought up by an Indonesian […]

What are the “Aguas Brancas” and “Mar Sagrado” in the hymns?

Introduction English Translation Could you comment on the “White Waters” and the “Waves of the Sacred Sea” that Mestre talks about? This was when Mestre still lived in the house included in the photo (included above). The young Marise Carioca de Souza (known as Jane in the Alto Santo community, also pictured above) approached Mestre […]

The Alto Santo Manifesto by Madrinha Peregrina

Introduction “All my struggle at the head of this center is to maintain the ideals of replanting Christianity […] the Queen of the Forest gave Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra the mission of replanting the doctrine of Jesus Christ” – Madrinha Peregrina This manifesto has been published online multiple places before, at the websites of […]