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Introduction of Cannabis “Santa Maria” into the Line of Padrinho Sebastiao

Introduction READ: [MAIN ARTICLE: MESTRE IRINEU’S TEACHINGS REGARDING CANNABIS] You can find on youtube videos of “Santa Maria hinarios” where the hymns of Mestre are mixed in together with modern Mapia hymns about cannabis. We want to clarify that Mestre is singing about the mother of Jesus Christ – not the cannabis plant. Many people […]

Colonia Cinco Mil feature in Revista Manchete “A Seita Secreta do Cipo”

Introduction This article is interesting because it depicts a 1970s version of the line of Padrinho Sebastiao, which looks a lot more similar to the format left by Mestre Irineu than what is practiced today. You can see a rectangular table with rows. It is interesting to note the article calls him “Mestre Sebastiao” rather […]