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Guide to Cannabis within the Santo Daime

Cannabis within the Santo Daime … Prohibition era (Mestre Irineu) Some people try to assert that Irineu did actually use cannabis in private, but these people are often condemned. Sebastiao, Mortimer, … Glauco … Alfredo … Ceu de Santa Maria in the Netherlands … Criticism of Cannabis usage within Santo Daime traditional centers do not […]

Jagube (Banisteriopsis caapi)

Overview This article Plant taxonomy Taxonomic classification Banisteriopsis caapi, in the family of maphigiaceae. Common names Within the Santo Daime, this plant is almost universally called “jagube”. More commonly, this would be identified as the “ayahuasca” vine, or as “yage”. What is the difference in naming compared to the drink? Well within Santo Daime the […]