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The Flag of the Doctrine (Bandeira da Doutrina)

From left to right (in the direction of the flag), the esteemed contemporaries of Mestre Irineu are profiled: Guilherme Gomes da Silva (introducer of “Vivas!”), Emílio Furtado (Benemérito Conciliar Member), Francisco Granjeiro Filho (Comandante do Feitio), José Lima (Conciliar Novice Member), José F. das Neves (Councillor) and Leôncio Gomes (President and Immediate Master). NOTE: José […]

What are the “Aguas Brancas” and “Mar Sagrado” in the hymns?

Introduction English Translation Could you comment on the “White Waters” and the “Waves of the Sacred Sea” that Mestre talks about? This was when Mestre still lived in the house included in the photo (included above). The young Marise Carioca de Souza (known as Jane in the Alto Santo community, also pictured above) approached Mestre […]