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Mestre Irineu’s teachings regarding Cannabis

Introduction Mestre Irineu taught against cannabis. If you wish to learn about how Cannabis was added into the Santo Daime in the line of Sebastiao Mota under the name of “Santa Maria”, read this other article. Accounts describing Mestre Irineu’s teachings prohibiting Cannabis Account of Paulo Serra (adopted son of Mestre) testimony narrated by Paulo […]

The Flag of the Doctrine (Bandeira da Doutrina)

From left to right (in the direction of the flag), the esteemed contemporaries of Mestre Irineu are profiled: Guilherme Gomes da Silva (introducer of “Vivas!”), Emílio Furtado (Benemérito Conciliar Member), Francisco Granjeiro Filho (Comandante do Feitio), José Lima (Conciliar Novice Member), José F. das Neves (Councillor) and Leôncio Gomes (President and Immediate Master). NOTE: José […]

Introduction to the Daime – the Christian Doctrine of Mestre Irineu

Mestre Imperador Raimundo Irineu Serra – Rei Juramidã – Founder of the Doctrine of the Daime April 2024 Update: This article will be amended with references to direct published accounts of the life of Mestre. We want everything to be factual and give an introduction to the teachings of Mestre Irineu and the doctrine which […]

The Decree of Mestre Irineu

Introduction PDF Download of the original Decree scanned copy in Portuguese, as dictated by Raimundo Irineu Serra and written by Percília Matos da Silva. The Decree of Mestre Irineu Center of Mental Irridiation “Divine Light” Decree of Service for the year 1970. The president of the Center of Mental Irridiation “Divine Light”, Mr Raimundo Irineu […]

Names of the Doctrine: What is the difference between “Daime” and “SANTO DAIME®”

It is said that Mestre Irineu did not use the term “Santo Daime” – he only called it “Daime”, or “the Daime”. He was famously quoted for saying “o Daime e meu” – “The Daime is mine”. Mestre did not refer to his center as a “church” and worked towards good relations with both the […]