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The Origin of “Offered Hymns” with Nova Jerusalém

“Nova Jerusalém” is the title given by Padrinho Sebastião to the book of hymns that, after more than four years without receiving hymns, being concluded the hinário “O Justiceiro”, was open in the Céu do Mapiá in 1983. The first hymn, “O Convite”, was received after a work, together with his sister-in-law Madrinha Júlia. It […]

What is the meaning of Juramidam? (Juramidã)

Mestre Irineu Imperio Juramidam

Introduction Mestre Irineu, who received this mission from the Queen of the Forest, is “Juramidam” or “Juramidã“. Mestre Irineu is also specifically referred as “Rei Juramidã“. The origin of Juramidam Juramidam is not a term known outside of the Daime. It originates within the Daime, specifically for Mestre Irineu. In the closing of the work, […]