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Credits to A Familia Juramidam (

Introduction “A Familia Juramidam” ( was a very beautiful website made by a graphic designer that was a pioneer in Daime information on the internet. The website is still available for view on the Wayback Machine online here. Unfortunately, the website went offline and the domain name expired as was bought up by an Indonesian […]

What is the meaning of Juramidam? (Juramidã)

Mestre Irineu Imperio Juramidam

Introduction Mestre Irineu, who received this mission from the Queen of the Forest, is “Juramidam” or “Juramidã“. Mestre Irineu is also specifically referred as “Rei Juramidã“. The origin of Juramidam Juramidam is not a term known outside of the Daime. It originates within the Daime, specifically for Mestre Irineu. In the closing of the work, […]

Understanding the “lines” of Santo Daime

What is the Santo Daime? .What is the difference between “Daime” and Santo Daime? What are the denominations or “lines” of the Daime? A line, in this case, is the term that is used for a specific denomination or group. It can also refer to the idea of a lineage, where a specific tradition is […]