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What is the meaning of Juramidam? (Juramidã)

Mestre Irineu Imperio Juramidam

There are several different understandings of Juramidam. The origin of Juramidam .Juramidam originates within the Santo Daime. Juramidam as a title given to Mestre Irineu Juramidam is the title given to Mestre Irineu. This is the primary understanding that is asserted by most traditional Daime groups. The title is given to Mestre Irineu himself, and […]

Who was the successor of Mestre Irineu? Leôncio Gomes or Sebastião Mota?

Introduction One of the misconceptions that many Daimistas throughout the “Daime-diaspora” is that the doctrine is one neat and nice linear path that leads up to them doing their work in whichever Western country in which they reside. Mestre Irineu was the original guy, then Padrinho Sebastião was his successor and the Daime moved to […]

Is Santo Daime a religion?

Yes and no. Mestre Irineu, the founder of Santo Daime specified that the works are part of a “doctrine” (from Latin: doctrina, meaning “teaching, instruction”) . Someone who practices Santo Daime in his view of what he was initating was that they would be a Daimista in their embodiment, but Catholic (or Christian) in their faith. […]