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The Daime Cross and the Double-barred Cross of Caravaca

How to set up the cross in the work Two and three barred variant. Must hang rosary around it Various designs and styles The Rosicrucian legend of the templars carrying the cross, it is a grail item that contains the wood from the crucifixion. Angels carried it into Spanish church. Revered throughout Latin America.

The Santo Daime Farda (Uniforms)

What is the Farda? The Farda is … One interesting point about the Farda is that Farda standards Farda Azul / Blue Farda Farda Branca / White Farda   Differences between Farda standards in the line of Traditional Daime and of Padrinho Sebastião . The Maracá as part of the Farda . Development of the […]