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Mestre Irineu prohibited all Daimistas from using Cannabis, LSD, Morphine and other drugs

From Jairo account Daime is not a drug. It is … The prohibition of drugs in Alto Santo   Mestre Irineu and Mapacho tobacco The only other plant substances that alter consciousness that Mestre Irineu specifically promoted was Mapacho tobacco. There is even a famous photo of Mestre Irineu smoking. Mapacho is a very important […]

The Santo Daime Farda (Uniforms)

What is the Farda? The Farda is … One interesting point about the Farda is that Farda standards Farda Azul / Blue Farda Farda Branca / White Farda   Differences between Farda standards in the line of Traditional Daime and of Padrinho Sebastião . The Maracá as part of the Farda . Development of the […]

The Cura Work of Mestre Irineu

Introduction to the Cura Work of Mestre Irineu . The Shamanic Healing work of Indigineous Amazonian Shamans . How is the traditional Cura work of Mestre Irineu conducted? . Stories about Mestre Irineu performing the Cura work [FRANCISCO GRANGEIRO FILHO] [GERMANO GUILHERME] Why is this not the same as the Cura work of Padrinho Sebastião? […]

The Concentration Work as defined by Mestre Irineu

What is the intention of the Concentration work? . The historical development of the Daime Concentration work What is meditation? The Concentration begins even before Daime. First off we explore the idea of meditation, and sitting in silence quieting the mind. Ayahuasqueros and their silent concentration Then the next step for us to examine is […]