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Which works can it be taken?

Link to the article about the farda.

Generally after 3 works minimum requirement, but that is rarely often enough.

The farda is a commitment and should not be taken lightly.

Analogy to catholic confirmation.

Before the work in traditional daime, or half time star ceremony.

The Santo Daime Farda (Uniforms)

What is the Farda?

The Farda is …

One interesting point about the Farda is that

Farda standards

Farda Azul / Blue Farda

Farda Branca / White Farda


Differences between Farda standards in the line of Traditional Daime and of Padrinho Sebastião


The Maracá as part of the Farda


Development of the Santo Daime Farda

Early history and influences


CRF – the Circle of Regeneration and Faith


Early Farda


Mestre’s changes to the farda and final version


Changes to the farda in the Line of Padrinho Sebastião


Rules about the Farda

You cannot remove the Farda in the work.

This is something they do in the new Paulo Roberto sect of Daime in their “Illumination works”