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Who was the successor of Mestre Irineu? Leôncio Gomes or Sebastião Mota?

Introduction One of the misconceptions that many Daimistas throughout the “Daime-diaspora” is that the doctrine is one neat and nice linear path that leads up to them doing their work in whichever Western country in which they reside. Mestre Irineu was the original guy, then Padrinho Sebastião was his successor and the Daime moved to […]

Understanding the “lines” of Santo Daime (Religious Denominations)

What is the Santo Daime? . Is Santo Daime a religion? Yes and no. Please read our complete article about “Is Santo Daime a religion?” and that will answer all of your questions. What are the denominations or “lines” of Santo Daime? A line, in this case, is the term that is used for a […]