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Account of Pedro Domingos da Silva

After he received the anthem Silencioso, more or less in 1945, he definitively left a drink and forbade all those in uniform to touch alcoholic beverages, and even said more: that anyone who drank Daime and drank alcoholic beverages, he would call shameless. He announced this for all the world to hear. It was a […]

Account of Adalia Gomes

He only whistled, he didn’t sing. But Percília knew everything, but she didn’t teach anyone. But I can say the names of those “called”: there was one called Manacá, there was another called Pakaconchinawa. I don’t remember the others’ names. Sometimes I would sing like that, Percília would say: “Look, you’re messing with those who […]

Account of João Rodrigues Facundes

Sourced from: He got this from far away, he came from Peru. In history, this drink derived from King Huascar, passed on to the Inca King, from him to a Peruvian caboclo called Pizango, from the caboclo to Antônio Costa, from Antônio Costa to Mestre Irineu. However, until then it was a completely crude […]

The Account of Valcírio Serra

Walsírio Genésio da Silva, Mestre’s eldest son Collection of the Cultural Foundation of Acre Interview with Walcírio Genésio da Silva, the Valcírio Serra, Mestre’s eldest son, held by Eduardo Bayer [1] for the Museum of Rubber of the Cultural Foundation of the State of Acre on November 15, 1991. [From the cyber magazine Arca da […]

Account of Percília Matos da Silva

The position that I had, given by Mestre’s hands, was general commander of the feminine’s wing and the hinário’s general manager. I would conduct every hinário. When the male wing wasn’t quite right I would call the guardian. Everything was with me, and until today this position of general commander is in my hands. He […]