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Francisco Grangeiro Filho

Biography from AFamiliaJuramidam Francisco Grangeiro Filho was the feitio headmaster of Irineu Serra and member of the so called Free Center’s General Staff, also integrating the Healing Commission. He joined the doctrine in the early 50s and came to marry the youngest daughter of Antônio Gomes, Adália, asking her hand to Mestre, since he was […]

Maria Damião (Maria Marques Vieira)

Hinario O Mensageiro with English Translation O Mensageiro – Maria Damiao (with English Translation) The Life of Maria Marques Vieira, the Maria Damião The Juramidam Family, April 13th of 2009, By Rodrigo Borges Conti Tavares [1] English review by Moonvine. Maria Damião — when I first thought of writing about this icon of the doctrine […]